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Escapecraft News and Announcements
Escapecraft: The Roadmap

Thanks to Shaun for the banner <3

  • Progress report:

    Roadmap established.

    Custom world generator acquired.

    Delayed due to issues with worldgen and 1.12... resolved.

    Modifying and testing world generation...

    Put the world live for testing (manual whitelist)

    Make landfall with a spawn area

    Claim the spawn village zone for future use

    Demonstrate the new town system

    Prep a starter kit for players

    Test new world generation for the Wild

    Put the Wild live alongside Escapia

    Open a portal between the worlds

The people have spoken: building on what we want
Spoiler! :
A week ago I launched three polls to help me get a better view of what we want and what we like as a community. One of these polls asked which three factors are most important to you in survival multiplayer. Thanks for your feedback everyone! The top three factors were: Creation, Community and Exploration!

Interestingly, these were the three points I voted for, and the points I'd been planning my roadmap around. I'm glad to know that we're on the same wavelength. The launch of the new world will focus on bringing more to these elements. Below I've outlined just a small part of my plans for the future.

Important note: This is a roadmap. It's also modular. What this means is that not everything here will happen at once - in fact, much of it might never happen. Everything here is on the radar, and if I have my way everything here will happen. But remember, there are no guarantees or timescales.

Creation - functional builds
Spoiler! :
One point that's been brought up time and time again is that the things we build look nice, but they don't do much more than that. It's time we changed that, and functional builds are the answer. Maybe you want to build town facilities that people can actually use, or maybe you'd like some more home comforts and conveniences in your private builds. This will be an ongoing project that relies heavily on input from you guys; I want to be as receptive as possible to your ideas, and with the state of plugins and server scripting in 2017, there's a high chance we can make your suggestions into reality!

  • Town facilities: shops, banks, trading posts, travel stations, casinos, civic buildings. Town mayors can invest in functional buildings to offer unique services and generate income.

  • Arenas: PVP, spleef, race tracks, community event plazas. If you build a place for competition, we can power it up with plugins. A PVP arena with class loadouts? A race track with speed boosts? Sure, we can do that.

  • Home automation: Inspired by modpacks - new circuitry, sorting systems, automatic smelting, and more. New ways to spend your accumulated resources to become a captain of industry or redstone scientist.

  • New conveniences: Personal teleporters? Resource multiplying? Improved farming, cooking and fishing? Sure, why not. Make your life easier and get what you want, faster.

Functional builds are all about finding more uses for our materials and our creations, on a community level and an individual one. Obviously this is a roadmap to the future, so not all of these features will be available right away. In fact, almost none of them will be. We'll continue to evolve and grow the list of cool things you can create, and of course, I want your ideas. As a community, we can come up with some killer stuff. Speaking of community...

Community - meaningful towns and the return of economy
Spoiler! :
Towns are one of the best things about multiplayer survival. They're a quantifiable way to get people working together towards a common goal. Creating something for the greater good of the community is an excellent motivation for a lot of players. Trouble is, there's only so many times we can build communal tree farms, mob grinders and the like. Towns deserve more!

  • "Official" towns: a new plugin that works with Worldguard (cuboids) to designate town territories, districts and plots. Prospective mayors can create town regions and either invite members or advertise plots allowing players to join. Towns are ranked according to their number of residents, and gain access to certain town features or perks accordingly.

  • Finally, an economy system: Earn money from the Escapian Reserve by cashing in gold to your nearest bank or by completing jobs. Donate resources to server-built projects, export goods through trading posts, complete server-run challenges like mob hunting, and more.

  • Spend money to make money: Town residents pay taxes into the town pot, which mayors can invest in town features. Businesses - NPC shops, casinos, attractions with entry fees - pay some of their profits into the pot. Towns are big business!

  • Shopping opportunities: Spend your hard-earned cash to buy resources and items from shops, play games, enter competitions, buy consumable or time-based perks, and of course, pay your taxes.

  • Friendly competition: Your town is your team in Town vs. Town (TVT) contests. Go head-to-head to decorate your town in a themed build-off, play home and away spleef matches in your town arenas (Spleef League, anyone?), or even grief each others' towns in PVP sieges! (Don't worry, you'll only be griefing copies, not the original towns!)

I want to stress that all these features will be optional. If you want your town to be exempt from competitions, or to not use the economy system, or to live as a hermit and not be part of a town at all - you're welcome to do that. To get the most out of the expanded town system, you'll want to embrace these new features, but it's entirely up to you.

Exploration - introducing The Wild
Spoiler! :
Here's another idea that's been thrown around a fair bit - a mining world, a place to go and gather resources, that regenerates every so often. We're doing it! Our main world, Escapia, will be for building, for making homes and towns and mega-projects and all the lovely things we talked about above. Sure, you'll still be able to go mining there, to chop down trees and gather resources. But there's a dedicated world for resource farming now - and so much more... welcome to the Wild!

  • Endlessly regenerating: The Wild regenerates every two weeks (definitely subject to change) with a new seed, allowing players to go exploring for new lands whenever they please. (Regen period depends on popularity and necessity)

  • Random structures: There are no generated structures in Escapia. That means no villages, no temples, nothing to pillage. Terrible idea, right? All your generated structures are now found in the Wild. Because the world regenerates, there's always new places to find and loot, and they can't be monopolised by the first player to find them. And since you're probably wondering - yes, there will be ways to bring villagers from the Wild into the main world. Your iron farms are safe!

  • CUSTOM structures: It's not just monuments, mansions and the rest that you'll find while exploring the Wild. An ever-growing list of custom structures unique to Escapecraft - many based on our past builds - will also spawn randomly, ripe for exploring and looting. Some of these will spawn only in certain biomes or underground, and each structure has its own loot table. Some will spawn mobs, some will contain traps. Who knows what you'll find when you venture into the Wild?

  • A challenging world: Did I mention the Wild is set to Hard mode? Make sure you're prepared for a fight if you're going adventuring. Some custom structures may also spawn mobs that are tougher than usual. Even players in diamond gear will meet challenges in the Wild - but the rewards are worth it!

  • Dungeons: Some structures you'll find are actually entrances to large, multi-level dungeons. Conquer the powerful mobs and tricky traps alone or with a party and claim valuable loot at the end. Dungeons come in a handful of difficulties, the toughest of which will give even players with fully enchanted diamond gear a run for their money!

  • New kinds of loot: What's the point of a tougher world if you can't get better loot from it? New enchantments and buffs on weapons and armour, a new "accessory" class of gear you can hold in your off-hand for buffs, new consumables with special effects, unique items with custom powers, and even a way to boost your maximum health! Of course, we can't have you running around unopposed, so the mobs of the Wild might just have some new abilities too...

  • Collectables galore: Slaying mobs or raiding chests might just reward you with unique head drops. These come in a range of rarities, from common to legendary, and collecting a whole set offers some nice bonuses. You'll want to trade and negotiate with other players to complete sets. You can also just decorate your house with them if you like.

Obviously this is a lot to take in, and a mountain of work to pull off. Ultimately I want the Wild to be one of the best exploration and adventure experiences multiplayer Minecraft has to offer, providing a worthy challenge to players of all skill and gear levels.

All of the above - seasonal stuff
Spoiler! :
Nothing draws people back to a now-and-then game like a good event. The promise of new and limited edition stuff is always tempting. Going forward I want to embrace events on special occasions. We've held events for dates like Halloween or Christmas before, but I want these events to have influence over the entire survival experience.

  • Seasonal events: Easter egg hunt? Halloween haunted house? 4th of July fireworks? Events are fun!

  • Seasonal items: Candy apples, exploding pumpkins, and a replica Excalibur from the Renaissance Fair.

  • Seasonal structures: Explore spooky ruins, giant Easter eggs or summer beach huts. Or some other wacky thing.

  • Seasonal town stuff: Gather crops for the harvest festival or put up a Christmas tree for festive rewards.

And that's just a handful of ideas off the top of my head. Imagine what else we can come up with as a community?

General questions:
Spoiler! :
Will the new world have a spawn area, and what will be in it?

Yes, there will be a small coastal village at spawn, from which the player will disembark into Escapia by boat. It has no official town name; if you must call it anything, "spawn" will suffice. I intend to build this village from legit materials. Its' purpose is to illustrate server features, plugins, and the functions of the expanded town system. This village will provide guidance to new players, demonstrate what they can do, and offer them a small sample of starter items to help them on their way. This village is NOT the tutorial; that will be elsewhere, and mandatory. The port will initially claim a decent chunk of land around spawn, in order to expand with new buildings over time. However, it will not be intended to grow into a full-scale town. That's the job of player-built communities.

Can I help build the spawn village?

Sure thing! Let me know if you'd like to contribute. As I've said, we're building this place legit. The loose theme is "frontier town": new players are fresh off the boat on the shores of a new land, and the village should reflect that. It's a jumping-off point, not a home.

Will there be server-built rails or transport?

NO. It's up to players to build travel networks, be they rail networks or simple dirt paths. If players build a rail system and wish to link it to the spawn village, a station can be built in the village to join up with this. Until such a time, the only exit from the village will be on foot or by boat.

Posted by: haxxorzd00d on 04 Aug 2017, 11:01 Full Article
Escapecraft 1.12 is here!

Would you believe we've been on server admin hiatus for somewhere between 18 months and three years now? (Depending on your point of view, of course.) Almost our entire community has moved on, but there’s been a small and stubborn group of players making a go of it on Horizons and waiting to see where Escapecraft ends up.

I want to say a huge thank you to Stygian_Inquirer, who has been maintaining Horizons since 2015 - unbeknownst to many in our community - and has supplemented it with puzzles, mini-games and events. What little playerbase we have left wouldn’t be with us if not for his hard work.

Anyway, for those patient few players that have stuck around, I have great news. Grab your tools and prepare to charge once more unto the breach - we’re back!

So what's new? For starters, we’ve updated from Minecraft 1.8 to 1.12. That’s four whole updates you might have missed. New combat, End cities, new mobs, woodland mansions, colourful concrete, llamas, parrots and plenty of other new features await you.

Explore new (and old) lands

We’ve got three survival worlds for you to explore. First is Horizons, which is sticking around. After all the work Stygian’s put into the world, we’d be foolish to retire it. I’m expanding the world size from 3000x3000 to 4000x4000 to accommodate fresh exploration.

Next up is a new world, Vildare. For those of you looking for a fresh start, this is it. I've tweaked the generator settings just a bit to create higher mountains, deeper valleys and bigger, sweeping landscapes. It's also got a hand-picked seed with plenty of biome variety.

Last but not least... TNA returns! About time, right? 2014's original hotness is back, and everything's just where you left it. I know many people were sad to see TNA drop off after 1.8 was released back in 2014; we all put a lot of work into it and it deserves another round. TNA will also be expanding to 4000x4000 for even more adventure.

Worlds collide!

These three worlds are linked together via our new hub, with shared inventory so you can come and go as you please. If you’re wondering what's happened to your worldly possessions and property over the years. worry not! TNA land claims, Horizons regions and locks, /homes and player inventories have been migrated to 1.12. When you login you should be just where you left off, in either Horizons or TNA. The usual game mechanics - gates and bridges, death chests, and many more - are all here like you’d expect.

What’s next?

This isn’t the end for Escapecraft - this is the start of our second act. Now that our existing worlds and feature set have been updated to 1.12, it’s time to start thinking about new features. I’ve got a roadmap in mind for bringing more features to the server - new game mechanics, new worlds (and old ones) and a few surprises along the way - but I won’t be discussing these plans up front to avoid setting any expectations. Stay tuned!

Anything missing?

This was the biggest server admin task we’ve undergone for a long time, and it was a one man operation, so there’s a high chance I’ve missed stuff. If you encounter any issues - things not working like they should, not having permissions to do things, features missing - please let me know here or in-game. I’ll be writing up a plugin help guide in the next few days, but until then please use the in-game /help if you get stuck with anything. Stay tuned for updates!

Current known issues:

- Chat channels are not configured yet

- Chat is not linked to IRC

- Placing items in protected claims appears to lose the item (click in inventory to fix)

- Players take half a heart of damage when jumping into portals

- /homeother is throwing errors, I'm looking into why

- /home is broken for a few players who somehow set 2 Horizons homes with the same ID

- Players can't change name colour anymore

- Pistons are borked outside GP claims

- GP claim block total is shared across worlds, this is not intentional

- World border is still 3000x3000, I'm a lying scumbag

- GP anti-spam is a bit overzealous

Will aim to fix these later today.

Posted by: haxxorzd00d on 04 Jul 2017, 18:56 Full Article
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A long time friend and former admin of Escapecraft, MKindy, has had some medical challenges and been in and out of the hospital several times. He needs your help, if you are able or at a minimum, spread the word.

If you can help, I'd be really grateful, and I'm sure MKindy would be too, but it's my thanks you are really after here :D

To see more details and let him tell you about it, see



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Blackknight's Giveaway
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Hi everyone,

Blackknight is giving away free stuff to community members! To sign up and get more information, please see this thread.

Posted by: Stygian_Inquirer on 13 Dec 2015, 09:53 Full Article