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Maintenance complete
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It be complete

Going to try on Tuesday afternoon/evening

Today (Sunday) the server will be up and down all day, I'm upgrading hardware on both physical boxes, so the game servers, as well as the webpage, forums and IRC will be up and down all day. I'll change this message once I'm complete.

I suggest chatting in the Steam group.

Technical difficulties are delaying me, I'll post again with a new time.

Posted by: wokka1 on 14 Mar 2015, 23:08 Full Article
Minecraft Updates and Roadmap
    Upcoming: Horizons v2.1.0-Peridot
    Featuring PvP arenas in survival, the return of death chests, and more!
    ETA: March 28th

    February 26: Horizons v2.0.2-Spinel
    [NEW] Switched platform from Rainbow to Spigot
    [FIX] Tweaked hoppers, chests and other things to fix derps

    Future updates, ordered by priority and enthusiasm:
    > Build your own PvP arenas with customizable settings:
    - Keepsies: Drop a lootable death chest when you die. The killer takes the spoils!
    - Casual: Keep your inventory when you die. Murder your friends without fear of losing your loot!
    - Loadout: Get a preset inventory when you enter the arena. Fight on even footing!
    > Death chests! (Lootable in PvP arenas)
    > Lifts, gates, bridges and other mechanisms
    > Instant tree-cutting
    > Craftable backpacks
    > Villager-based shops and economy
    > Better lottery and other mini-games
    > Dynamic map
    > Temporary mining worlds for endless spelunking
    > ...and a portal back to TNA

    A teaser of future Minecraft projects for 2015...

    Spoiler! :

    Project Forefront: Redefining survival
    Project Flashback: Repurposed memories
    Project Uprising: A twist on a high-stakes classic
    Project Downfall: The end is just the beginning

    Each of these projects is something brand new to Escapecraft and fairly unique to Minecraft in general. You'll hear more about these in the coming weeks and months.

    Fun little blurb about Escapecraft and new content:

    Spoiler! :

    Let's chat for a moment...
    First off, I want to apologize for my absence, and that of the entire Escapecraft staff. It's been four months since the last Horizons update, and even longer since TNA saw any love, and quite frankly that's ridiculous - so on behalf of us all, I'm sorry. The reason for this is mainly burn-out; pretty much everyone on staff has gotten fed up and moved on to other things. Real life also tends to get in the way.

    Is Escapecraft dead? It's been "dying" for over a year, but I figure the reason isn't what people think. Most of our community will tell you Minecraft's gotten boring. The trouble is these folks have been playing since 2011 or even 2010 - any game's bound to get dull after that time. But we're not just about keeping the old crowd happy, and it's clear from our loyal Horizons players (I love you guys!) that the game still appeals to new blood and old faithfuls.

    I won't deny we've made mistakes. Our survival worlds are our key draw, but we've never innovated with them - "vanilla" was always our thing, even as other servers added new features. I can't blame our player base for moving to other communities that offered a more interesting experience.

    That's why I'm here today to discuss my future plans, starting with the long overdue Horizons upgrade to Spigot!

    Today's update - Horizons on Spigot 1.8 with new features
    Some of our players will be wondering where yesterday's update went. Turns out moving all the locks, claims and homes from Rainbow to Spigot is more tedious that I thought, but still happening. Instead of a changeover update yesterday and a feature update tonight, both of these will be dropping later today. So what's the point of this update? When I launched Horizons in September, a lot of features I wanted to add were limited by the Rainbow platform. Now that Spigot for 1.8 is out, I'm switching so I can finally deliver the vision Derigin and I had for the world. So what does this mean for you guys? Here are just a few things to come (no guarantees):

    You can look forward to further information about these features and more in the coming days and weeks. I plan to be as transparent as possible about updates and future plans. I've also got another Minecraft project in the works, something very different from our usual survival offering, which you should hear more about over the next couple of weeks.

    Peace out guys, check back later for the big update!
    - <3 Haxx

    Posted by: haxxorzd00d on 24 Feb 2015, 11:17 Full Article
    Temp 1.8 server Shutdown
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    Since we now have Horizons (a 1.8 server with some plugins) running, it's time to shut down the temp 1.8 server.

    Consider this notice that we'll be shutting down the server in a couple of days.

    For those interested in playing 1.8, please try our Horizons server:

    Posted by: Tulonsae on 11 Oct 2014, 16:15 Full Article
    Discover new horizons in 1.8!
    Today marks our 4th anniversary as a server. It has also been two weeks since Minecraft 1.8. was released. In honor of both occasions, we figured it was about time we put out a new world to play on!

    Unfortunately like many servers we've been unable to update our current worlds to 1.8. TNA, for example, relies on plugins that take a long time to update. But not with this world. This world is different.


    Introducing Escapecraft Horizons, a new 1.8 server with plugins!
    Server IP:

    Horizons works for 1.8. and the plugin API we use - Rainbow - adds new features to the game. In fact, the developer behind it is updating it so frequently that new features come out almost every day... so expect there to be new stuff added on a regular basis! There will soon be more information below to describe what some of these features are! For now, it's important to note that we've got a locking system to secure your stuff, cuboids for grief protection, and a log of player activity in case of troublemakers. Make sure you stop by the info center to learn how to do all that, plus ride on people's heads!

    When you log on to Horizons you will find yourself in the courtyard of an abandoned castle! As the world and its population grows, new areas of the castle will gradually be unlocked, revealing new rooms and characters with unique gameplay! At present, two rooms of the castle are currently open:
    - Meet Derigin in the drawing room to receive a starter kit! Follow the castle's progress here.
    - Wokka stands guard over the info center. Visit to discover new server features before you head out!

    As with every other survival world, you can freely explore and build to your heart's content. We encourage our players to embrace community and working together; build roads, rails, towns, empires, whatever you may like. This is your world! We do ask that you abide by our three main rules, though:

    1. Don't be a dick.
    We have zero tolerance for harassment, griefing, trolling, bullying, or anything of that sort. If we find that you are being a dick, you will not be welcome. We log everything, so we will know.

    2. Play nice.
    Be respectful of the other players as well as the staff. Make it so everyone enjoys the game, too.

    3. Play fair.
    No cheats, no hacks, none of that BS. Please also don't whine, or get upset, or do things that obviously would upset others. Use common sense and play the game reasonably.

    If you can stick to these golden rules, then you - yourself - will be golden!

    In any case, we hope you enjoy the new world. Please feel free to ask for help, to offer suggestions, or even to criticize us (but do so constructively!). We're here to make sure you're having a good time and that this hobby is enjoyed by all. We look forward to your creations!

    Posted by: haxxorzd00d on 26 Sep 2014, 20:01 Full Article