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Escapecraft News and Announcements
November Build Battle Server Event - Update
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Greetings Escapecraft!

It is with great pleasure that I announce our first Horizons server event: the Build Battle. In this event, players will have a week to build a structure, scene, monument, or anything really, that embraces the theme of the Autumn (Fall) season. It could be related to Halloween, Thanksgiving or anything related to Autumn (Fall). You will have access to creative mode to be able to build with almost any material. The builds will be judged and there will be prizes!

You will not be able to spawn any mobs so please don’t even try and don’t build anything obscene. Don’t bring anything with you to the building zones that you don’t want to lose. You will not be able to use /sethome, /home, or /spawn inside the building zone, you will have to use the designated exit points. When you use these, they will clear your inventory so you can’t bring illegal blocks back into the survival areas. Again, don’t bring anything with you to the building zones that you don’t want to lose. Players can access the building area from a TP pad in the spawn castle. Players not participating may come to the building zones to watch the builds but beware, TO GET BACK YOUR INVENTORY WILL BE CLEARED!

Players who wish to participate can sign up on the forum by replying to the November Build Battle Sign Up thread ( with their full Minecraft character name, or you can place a sign with your character name on it on the Build Battle sign up wall at the spawn castle courtyard. Players who sign up during the sign up period will be given a 32x32 plot on which they can build when the event starts. The event will last for one week at which point the builds will be blocked off so the judges can vote on the winners. There will be prizes! Any player including staff may participate, except for the staff members who are judging (Tulonsae, Mafeeeh, Stygian_Inquirer).

The sign up period starts on Saturday, November 14th and ends on Friday, November 20th at Midnight, server time. The sign up period has passed. Please wish the best of luck to the 16 participants

The build battle will take place from Sunday, November 22nd at 7PM, Server Time to Monday November 30th at 7AM, server time.

The normal rules of the server are in effect during this build battle, so be nice.

Good luck and good building!

Posted by: Stygian_Inquirer on 14 Nov 2015, 13:10 Full Article
Map image online
User avatar is now updated for Horizons and the link on the front page of the website is updated as well.

This will update every morning at 7am server time (Central US)


Posted by: wokka1 on 03 Nov 2015, 20:00 Full Article
PvP Now Live
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Hello Everybody,

On Horizons, there have been frequent requests for Player vs. Player combat options. We have heard those requests and are now able to deliver on them. A new PvP arena has been built behind spawn and PvP is active in it. This arena has obstacles and cover and caters to different forms of combat. There is also an area for other players to view the action from above. If you die, you will drop a deathchest that cannot be opened by anyone else. If there are any requests on how to improve the arena or change the PvP mechanics, please post them in the forums.

As we are a friendly server, I want to remind everyone to be friendly to each other and especially to new players. Players found to be tricking new players into walking into the arena so they can attack them will not be tolerated.

Pick up your swords, polish your armour and brew your mystical potables -- PvP is upon us!

Posted by: Stygian_Inquirer on 13 Sep 2015, 01:30 Full Article
New Locking Plugin for Horizons
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We've installed a new (well, new to Horizons, but a very old, good plugin) for locking your stuff - LWC.

We are keeping both plugins, Lockette and LWC, available until Sept. 6th when Lockette will be disabled. Please convert all your locks to LWC before then.

In the meantime, you can no longer create new Lockette locks, but your items will remain locked (by Lockette) until Sept. 6th.

You can find information on LWC commands at:

If you need more help, just ask one of the staff.

Posted by: Tulonsae on 23 Aug 2015, 22:27 Full Article