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Escapecraft News and Announcements
Minetest - a new game
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So with the Minecraft purchase by Microsoft, some people in the Minecraft community are looking for alternatives. is one of them, it's a completely free, open-source clone of Minecraft. Of course, it doesn't have all of the features as Minecraft, but you can play it for free, so if you have any friends that refuse to buy Minecraft, here is their chance to play it.

I've setup a server to play around with, no plugins on it, but there are some out there and potential. I don't know if the world I've generated is suitable for long term, there are a LOT of flags when generating a world and we may need to make changes and wipe.

You can connect to on the default port.

I let the server announce to the list and there are 20+ people on it this morning. We'll need to setup some plugins on it, but for now, test it out and see how it works. We'll likely need to wipe the map when we setup plugins, so think of it as a temp server for now.

Posted by: wokka1 on 20 Sep 2014, 11:46 Full Article
Two posts in one day! Temp 1.8 server
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I'm on a roll, but if you want to play MP and try out the new stuffs, login to with a 1.8 client on the default port.

If you are caught griefing, you will be banned on both the temp and the regular server, so play nice!!


Posted by: wokka1 on 15 Sep 2014, 19:33 Full Article
Rich Notch is very RICH
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For those of you who are in a hole or just don't watch the news, Mojang was purchased by Microsoft

What does this mean for the Minecraft modding community and the servers out there, including Escapecraft?

I don't know and I don't think anyone does. Of course, on the day of the sale, the Microsoft people say that nothing will change, but their track record for buying game studios is not good.

I'll just say this, Escapecraft isn't going anywhere. While minecraft is our most popular game, we do have others, and we'll continue to look for other games we can host. If you see games that we can host, preferably that have a linux server, let us know.

I'm not very active in the community, real life gets in the way, but I'm not going anywhere. You can find me lurking in IRC and I'll continue to fund the servers (I have a couple of other hobby websites running here, so they aren't going anywhere).

If you have ideas for Tyras and Steve for ideas on the minecraft side, speak up.


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Event News and Staff Announcements
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The end is nigh, ladies and gentlemen! Our contestants have been whittled down to the final two for the last round of Master Builder III! While a couple of the builds this week were not quite finished, they were still of a high standard, so well done to those who've made it this far even if they've not made it to the very end.

Congratulations to Jawagrunt for his pirate lair and Josh349 for his Kraken attack, as it is these two who will be duking it out in a battle of titans starting this coming Saturday, hoping to claim the elusive title of Master Builder. As per usual, confirmation PMs will be sent out later this week.


In other news, following a devastating shortage of Nether Quartz and Blaze spawners, the Nether will be reset in the near future as was promised upon TNA's release. As such, make sure to move any loot that is stored there to somewhere safer.


Finally, some of you may have noticed some of our ex-mentors strutting around with fancy new [Staff] titles in-game and on the forums. These chosen ones have been deemed worthy of acceptance into what was once the Moderator ranks following some staff restructuring, so congratulations to the following:

  • Robipodsupreme
  • Iron_Fang
  • Arizons
  • Losarot
  • Modocam
  • ItchyNL

Say well done to these individuals, and watch as their individuality and free spiritedness slowly gets crushed as they end up working for "The Man".

A personal note from wokka


Finally, some big news. Due to personal commitments and time constraints, I shall be stepping down as the Minecraft lead for Escapecraft. In my place, Tyrasengineer and Steveab will be co-leading Escapecraft, with Tulonsae and Eggster as admin advisors- I'm sure Tyras and Steve will welcome any comments, questions or suggestions should you have any, so feel free to use the suggestions forum or their PM inboxes to show them the error of their ways.

It's been fun, and I'm looking forward to what the new leadership can bring to the community - don't worry, they have some interesting projects on the horizon, and I have faith that they can last at least a couple of months without setting the server on fire, getting arrested and maiming themselves...

I would like to point out that I'm not leaving, I'll still be on IRC everyday, checking the forums daily and hopefully the new leadership will still consult me on things that need my advice on. I'm still the owner and will continue to fund this community. I just don't have the time anymore to properly lead and need help. For those of you who are curious, I'm studying for my CCIE certification for work, it's Cisco's highest engineering certificate you can attain and needs a dedicated 18 months or more of study and practice for the lab test.

If you have questions or comments for me, please PM me or catch me on IRC.


Posted by: wokka1 on 08 Jul 2014, 14:42 Full Article