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Escapecraft News and Announcements
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A long time friend and former admin of Escapecraft, MKindy, has had some medical challenges and been in and out of the hospital several times. He needs your help, if you are able or at a minimum, spread the word.

If you can help, I'd be really grateful, and I'm sure MKindy would be too, but it's my thanks you are really after here :D

To see more details and let him tell you about it, see



Posted by: wokka1 on 16 May 2017, 16:46 Full Article
Blackknight's Giveaway
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Hi everyone,

Blackknight is giving away free stuff to community members! To sign up and get more information, please see this thread.

Posted by: Stygian_Inquirer on 13 Dec 2015, 09:53 Full Article
Secret Santa Sign-Up Open
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Hi Everyone,

The holiday season is approaching and arizons has taken it upon herself to set up a Secret Santa gift exchange. Please see this thread for more details: ... 50&t=10791


Posted by: Stygian_Inquirer on 06 Dec 2015, 13:41 Full Article
November Build Battle Results
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Hi Everyone!

We had a great build battle this past month and we had a lot of great builds and a lot of participation. The judges, Tulonsae, myself, and special guest judge Wokka, were very impressed by the results and it made judging difficult. It is my pleasure to announce the winners. There were five categories in which we judged all of the entries. The winner and two runners-up for each category will be awarded prizes. They will be contacted by me, either in-game or on the forums, especially if they won a top prize. If you won a top prize and you do not have a forum account that I can contact, please make one and PM me.

The first trophy we will be giving out is the Thematic Trophy for build that most expresses the theme, in this case, Autumn (Fall).

1st Prize goes to ShadowCreator for his UFO harvesting the fall crops

2nd Prize goes to personal_builder for his spooky autumn tree

3rd Prize goes to arizons for Snoopy sleeping on the Great Pumpkin (personally I felt a lot of nostalgia when I saw this build)

The second trophy is the Spooky Trophy for build that most related to Halloween.

1st Prize goes to Blackknight for his headless self portrait

2nd Prize goes to The_MoonTube for his creepy forest temple

3rd Prize goes to ShadowCreator

The third trophy is the Veteran Builder Trophy for the best build of the veteran players. To qualify as a veteran player, a player had to have played on another Escapecraft world before Horizons.

1st Prize goes to ShadowCreator

2nd Prize goes to personal_builder

3rd Prize goes to Blackknight

The fourth trophy is the Aspiring Architect Trophy for the best build of the new players. To qualify as a new player, a player must not have played on another Escapecraft world before Horizons.

1st Prize goes to The_MoonTube

2nd Prize goes to Aerobotic for his impressive leaf cradle

3rd Prize goes to dallasprice342 for his spooky tree

The final trophy is for Best in Show, the best build overall.

1st Prize goes to ShadowCreator

2nd Prize was a tie and The_MoonTube and Aerobotic will each be getting a 2nd place prize

3rd Prize goes to personal_builder

Thanks again to all of you who participated and please feel free to participate again and I hope you had fun. This was a great turnout and I hope the December Build Battle is just as fun and successful. The build battle area will be opened up soon so that all players can see the great builds (without having to worry about clearing your inventory first). Congratulations and keep building!

Posted by: Stygian_Inquirer on 04 Dec 2015, 22:42 Full Article